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Web Based Solutions

Web Based software and database solutions allow your business to two-way communicate with employees, contractors, customers, and prospects globally in real time. Our Web Development skills include expertise in ASP.NET, VB.NET AJAX, SQL, HTML5... and more.
After development we typically upload the software and database onto a high-speed SQL Server which is typically housed in a Professional Data housing Facility, such as our data house, Their customer support is perfect for small business owners who are not computer experts, which is why we suggest that most of our clients consider using them.

Desktop Software Applications (Windows Forms, Console Apps)

Desktop software applications can be custom built in VB.NET and SQL to provide a solution for repetitive labor intensive tasks, capture and manipulate data, create and send automated reports as well as managing inventory, or the enteri business workflow process. Custom application software can be developed to operate and monitor factory machinery. Desktop software can also interact with traditional web-based applications on remote servers. Custom applications can be developed to send and receiving communication via the cellular (SMS) texting system as well as extracting data from and/or creating new email messages.

Mobile Apps (Android, iOS (iPhone), Windows Phone)

Mobile Applications are often utilized to connect employees in the field and clients on the go with your office workflow, departments and key staff. We can incorporate and mobile application to compliment your web-based solution. Mobile applications can also be developed as standalone applications that can provide you employees with time saving field analysis tools and industry specific calculators.

Power Platform

Power Platform is a powerful tool for supporting our clients' digital transformation projects. Offering rapid development, robust business tools, and seamless data storage, it streamlines enterprise-wide workflow automation. With its integration of Power Automate and AI capabilities, it's a game changer for businesses seeking to modernize their processes.

MS Access Applications (VBA/SQL)

Microsoft Access (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019) offer a very powerful rapid development option for small businesses and department level applications in larger businesses. Microsoft Access allows for multiple users and connects closely with the entire MS Office suite including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Outlook.

MS Office Automation using VBA ( Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

The entire MS Office suite allows for custom automation of most features and allows for sharing and transferring of data between each product using Visual Basic for Applications and SQL code. We can automate just about any process that you are currently able to complete manually in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Outlook.

Optical Character Reading
(OCR) technology
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OCR software can be incorporated by into your workflow process to enable you to extract text from an image and convert it into editable text documents. supports the integration of custom OCR systems allowing customers to scan an image and retrieve the desired text instead of typing the whole text into a data entry form. OCR integration can allow you to just scan the text and allow our integrated OCR tools to convert it into editable text as well as extract desired text and import into the company database system.

Robotic Process Automation
(RPA) technology

Manual and repetitive processes take time, allow errors and are a burden to employees. can automate these tasks with Robotic Processes, enabling your staff to focus on higher-value tasks to directly impact positively on business.

Artificial Intelligence
(AI) technology

Reduce the amount of distractions your employees get from their common tasks, reduce the time their tasks require, solve novel issues by augmenting AI – Artificial Intelligence capabilities such as OpenAI’s: ChatGPT (human like bi-directional conversational AI) and DALL·E 2 (AI Image creation).