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How Can VBA Help You?
VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is the powerful programming language built into Microsoft Office products such as MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook. It goes well beyond and should not be considered the same as the simple recorded macro language that has become popular with Excel users. VBA is capable of nearly unlimited and extremely sophisticated programming and can be used to reach outside of the existing program to establish external sharing and communication with other business tools.

The value of VBA is that you can use it to automate Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access applications. Programming in Microsoft Access has helped to improve the productivity of businesses and governments for decades. Automating Word or Excel processes provides incredible savings of time and effort. Often, it is in the routine tasks that VBA can be used to save the most time, but when needed its capacity and power are nearly unstoppable.

One of our clients prepares hospital reports regularly, each with report has specific chart of data, this report was taking 1-2 hours to develop each week. We gave him a button to create the chart she needed, saving about 1.5 hours per week or 12hours per month!

When you look at VBA programming, it is often easy to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a particular project. Sometimes it is the 30 minutes saved on simple tasks performed many times per day. Sometimes you can save an 50 hours on larger tasks that are performed regularly. And sometimes it is the tasks that are performed once or twice yearly that automation can allow you to utilize weekly instead of once per year. can custom develop MS Office projects using VBA to assist you in automating simple but repetitive tasks in your office, saving you time, frustration, and money. We also offer training for your office staff over the internet or in person by appointment.