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SQL Databases

Microsoft SQL Server is used in large enterprise solutions and typically supports large e-commerce and content sites. SQL Server uses the Management Studio software, which also integrates with Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Most programmers agree that the easiest way to create dynamic solutions in an environment for .NET is to use SQL Server. Microsoft .NET can work with MySQL, but you must install a driver, which isn’t always possible when you opt for shared hosting.

Since Microsoft SQL Server is aimed at corporate and enterprise markets, it has the pluses of functionality, feature completeness, and inclusion of things that we think you may need like graphical user, administration and data modeling interfaces. Fine tuning of user permissions are already included in the product, security is built in by default. SQL Server is not just for big businesses, SQL server is affordable for small businesses that want the power to grow without the headache of later migrating to another platform. prefers to develop all clients on MS SQL Server systems.

Microsoft SQL Server is proprietary closed-source software, so you are at the mercy of Microsoft but they are also at your beckon call when there is an issue (which is rare). What most MySQL developers don’t tell their clients is that their database does not have support readily available in most situations because it’s a free open source version. MySQL is controlled by Oracle and for those thinking about obtaining support from them, pull out your pocketbook. We prefer the peace of mind knowing that Microsoft stands by its SQL Database, having the possibility of support by the company that designed the database software system is a much better position than having to rely on a unpaid community who may or may not respond to your urgent matter. With Microsoft SQL Server You also gain life empowering compatibility with other Microsoft products and built in connectivity with Windows and Office. In our opinion you have better tools, more wizards, and MS-Access just plain works better with it, so now you can see why we prefer MS SQL Server vs MySQL.