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Business Workflow Automation specializes in working with small businesses to develop custom software and Database Solutions that automate repetitive tasks (business workflow) and improve fact based decisions by capturing key data and utilizing analytics to produce decisional reports.

If your small business has any repetitive labor-intensive tasks, we can often save you money and time, and improve your customer relationships by automating your business work flow processes. As an example: From the field, Employees can update job costs and status using custom designed mobile apps. These entries from the job site can then update the businesses' operational and accounting databases, and provide real time updates to key staff, update departmental reports and be included in regularly scheduled summary reports to the company Executives. All of this can occur without human intervention, more importantly in real time. Imagine the cash flow benefits of real time automation, here are just some of the common benefits of hiring to automate your business workflow:

  • Know with confidence your current inventory levels.
  • Improve cash flow by having clients receive accurate invoices at the moment the work is completed.
  • Recognize trends immediately through real time summary dashboards.
  • Improve business decisions based on analytic data that is waiting to pave your path to success.
  • Know what activities are profitable so that you can focus on them
  • Know what activities and process are costing you too much, it’s often so simple to resolve these profit eaters, once you see them glaring in the lime light., inc. will make the entire process very affordable, call us today and see how much better your future can become!