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Optical Character Reading (OCR) technology

OCR software can be incorporated by into your workflow process to enable you to extract text from an image and convert it into editable text documents. supports the integration of custom OCR systems allowing customers to scan an image and retrieve the desired text instead of typing the whole text into a data entry form. OCR integration can allow you to just scan the text and allow our integrated OCR tools to convert it into editable text as well as extract desired text and import into the company database system.

There are many OCR software products available; can assist you with selecting, customizing, and implementing the right product for you.

Although OCR technology has come a long ways, critical information that is scanned and processed with any OCR technology still requires a validation process as errors will occur. has the experience and skills required to implement the addition coding required into your OCR and workflow process to significantly reduce the chances of missing critical data without the high costs associated with manual review.

If keeping data integrity is your priority, call and let us help you build a custom OCR workflow process that will keep you efficient and profitable.