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AJAX Applications

Ajax allows developers to create a more interactive and productive connection between a user and a Web-based application. Ajax offers advanced user interface features similar to those in desktop applications. Software application Users familiar with the look and feel of a desktop UI controls, animated effects and adjustable layout controls will find AJAX features comfortable to work with, as they share many similarities in look and feel. Typically users spend less time learning and operating the application because they can be easier for desktop users to transition to. One of the greatest benefits of Ajax is the ‘partial page update’ feature which minimizes user delays by eliminating the "click, wait, and refresh" approach most often associated with previous versions of HTML applications.
Software beyond the level of one device - Web 2.0 has accelerated the movement from desktop applications to Web-based solutions, improving network information sharing.

Ajax also offers some development features that fall under the umbrella term "Web 2.0" and fall within the ‘service-oriented architecture’ (SOA) theme. Some unique benefits include:
  • Collaboration - Ajax can be utilized as the center for Web 2.0 information collection to harness the collective intelligence of disparate data sources and communities.
  • Cross-device applications and mobility - Web-capable mobile devices benefit from Ajax/Web 2.0/HTML5 applications
  • Users as co-developers – Supports New Ajax-powered environments, including Application Wikis. Creating custom mashups that include dashboards and situation/role based composite applications.

Long term benefits of Ajax deployment include:
  • Replacement for desktop applications:
    Ajax offers a web-based solution that offers desktop-like user experiences. It also retains the benefits of server-based application deployment and centralizes the infrastructure and administration costs. For small entrepreneurial businesses needed scalability and immediate availability of application updates Ajax is a good fit.

  • Increased customer satisfaction with GUI’s The industry is embracing richer, more desktop-like, user interfaces for customer-facing Web applications. In many circumstances, adopting Ajax techniques is becoming a business requirement to maintain parity with the rest of the industry and match growing user expectations about Web-based user experiences.

  • Operations efficiencies In today's global economy, cost efficiency is more important than ever. Ajax techniques can help maintain efficiency and competitiveness of internal systems.