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Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison is a Senior Data Scientist for, inc. a well-regarded Software and Database Development company located in Wilmington NC. Scott heads the development team and provides special project consultations for clients desiring to utilize the power of Business Analytics and Work Flow Automation to increase their profits and lower their expenses through cost saving efficiencies.

More about Scott Morrison, Senior Data Scientist for, inc. a Software Development company based in Wilmington, NC: Scott first began developing software in 1985 using ‘Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Code’, more commonly known today as the language "BASIC" which in its current versions is called Visual Basic (VB) or VB.NET. Scott has developed and implemented several successful startups throughout his 25 years in the business world and began to develop and utilize custom software in several of these startups. This real world business experience has been a tremendous factor in keeping his coding relevant to the needs of his small business clients. Scott has designed, developed, and implemented Automation Control, Business Workflow, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software As A Service (SAAS), Business Process Management (BPM) and custom analytic systems for small businesses and many major corporations including work with many National Financial Institutions, Household Electronics Manufacturers, and the Department of Defense.

Scott is an intriguing and valued business speaker on topics related to the benefits of Small Businesses embracing the power of Big Data & Analytics. Scott has the unique combinations of technical knowhow and Entrepreneurial understanding to help growing businesses properly plan, build, and implement highly effective software and database solutions. Scott is known to maintain his focus on ‘getting results’, it is this culmination of knowledge and experience that has gained him the title of Data Scientist, the science of taking the skills beyond concept and into an art, that’s what distinguishes him in the industry.

Scott unique ability to grasp a client’s processes and help them determine how to most effectively merge technology to their benefit, stems from his unique combination of experience in business operations, logistics, sales, leadership as well as from some rather unusual cloak and dagger skills in the areas of investigations, intelligence gathering and surveillance. These especially unique skill sets, allow him to observe and capture not only the obvious but the often more important and less obvious needs for a system design. Scott’s has a unique ability to keep his feet firmly planted in both the technical side, and the real-world business side, which makes him a highly sought master developer and consultant to small businesses across the country. Scott is able to guide development projects down more ideal paths that often incorporate unique systems and concepts that would otherwise be missed. Scott’s approach to software development allows his clients to often reap benefits in their market place, such advantages and opportunities, are why there is no better choice for your small business., inc. has cornered the small business market by providing an alternative to canned software or so called custom software that is rubber stamped out of a basement by kids who have never experienced the nuances of starting and operating a brick and mortar business. provides its clients with more intuitive High Impact results for small businesses that want to increase their chances for greater success. is a Veteran Owned Business and is recommended by the Chamber of Commerce. For more information about or to inquire about the chances of involving Scott‘s team in your next project call (910) 550-8610 or visit them online at